About us

Leyes, Flores & CO

Patients from abroad often find themselves in a situation in which there could be advanced treatment options, surgical specialties, a second medical opinion, or any other healthcare service to be considered elsewhere and international patients seeking medical treatment in Spain. will find the highest possible quality of care and convenience at Leyes, Flores & CO.

We understand that international patients will go to great lengths in order to find the best possible solution to what is logically perceived as each person’s worst condition.  Each patient has different needs and expectations, and our team will commit to ensure personalized guidance all along their treatment. Our dedicated staff will do everything to assist in connecting patients with one of our distinguished physicians, supplying and securing cost estimates, and coordinating appointments and admissions that meet their optimal travel dates. Our wish is for all international guests and their families to receive the most professional and personalized care to, aware of the extra effort patients make when travelling abroad for health reasons.

At Leyes, Flores & CO, we take a personalized approach to providing our guests with the best care possible. With proven excellence in successful treatments, Leyes, Flores & CO welcomes patients from around the globe who seek physician consultations, second medical opinions, specialized surgical procedures, and other international medical treatments. Becoming a Leyes, Flores & CO patient means having access to a comprehensive range of trauma specialists, who are skilled in providing a tailor-made approach to total patient care. Leyes, Flores & CO is home to some of the country’s top trauma specialists as well as ambitious research studies that give patients the benefit of cutting-edge treatment options. We always do our best to connect our patient guests with the experts delivering these unparalleled medical resources.