Dr. Flores, doctor for the silver medalists at 2019 Women’s Handball World Championships

Las Guerreras’ (The Warriors) doctor since November 2004

Dr César Flores, member of the Spanish Handball Federation medical team since 2001,and “Las Guerreras’ doctor since November 2004, has also been their doctor at this year’s Handball World championships, held in Japan, where “Las Guerreras” have won a silver medal.

Dr Flores has been “Las Guerreras”’ doctor at the Women’s Handball World Championships recently held in Japan from 30 November to 15 December in which the Spanish National team, trained by Carlos Viver, became silver medalist after tightly losing to The Netherlands (20-30) in the Park Dome at Kumamoto.

A penalty scored by The Netherlands 4 seconds from the end gave them the final victory at this women’s Handball World Championships over Spain.  Despite the defeat, it is Spain’s first ever silver medal at a Worlds, becoming their best ever international result.

Dr Flores, recently awarded the Olympic Badge  by the COE for his 15-year career with the Spanish Handball Federation has been Las Guerreras’ doctor since 2004 and member of the Spanish Handball Federation medical team since 2001, just when women’s handball in Spain enjoys its golden moments, obtaining a silver medal at the women’s European Juniors in Slovakia in 2007, another silver at the European Seniors in Macedonia in 2008, a fourth place at the Words in China in 2009, a bronze at Brazils’ Worlds in 2011 and at London’s Olympic Games a year after that, a silver medal at the Europeans held jointly  in Croatia and Hungary in 2014 and finally a gold Medal at the XVIII Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018.

The silver medal obtained In Japan in 2019 is the first ever silver medal by the Spanish Women’s Handball National Team and their best result so far.

“Coming runners-up does not, in any way, dim the team’s strong image  shown by the team throughout this year’s World Championships.

Spain headed for this Worlds needing to finish somewhere amongst the top seven teams, in order to qualify directly for the qualifying rounds of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, a goal they’ve achieved together with Sweden, Senegal and Argentina, all in Group I. The International Handball Federation made released the All-Star Team for this year’s World Championships in Japan 2019, in which the Spanish player Alexandrina Barbosa, was elected as “Best Left Wing.